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Princesses of the Alhambra

A trilogy of medieval romances set in medieval Spain at the end of the fourteenth century. These stories were inspired by a folk tale as recounted by Washington Irving in his Tales of the Alhambra.

The Knight's Forbidden Princess, the first of the trilogy, will be published in May 2018.

The Knights of Champagne...

A mini-series of medieval romances set in France in the county of Champagne.  These stories were inspired by the Arthurian myths and legends. 

Mistaken for a Lady, the fifth and final novel in the series, was published in October, 2016.

Wearing his ring again… 
When a shocking revelation reveals Francesca's illegitimacy, she worries for her marriage to Tristan, Comte des Iles. Her heart in tatters, she awaits her husband's return… Will he request an annulment or give their union a second chance? 
Duty has kept Tristan from his beautiful wife's side for far too long, but the memory of her touch is seared into his soul. Now, with malevolent forces working against them, it's more important than ever for Tristan to show Francesca that he'll never let her go!

Backlist titles...

Carol's Backlist titles have been revised and re-issued as eBooks. Blackthorn Winter, the second of her Herevi Sagas was issued as an eBook in October 2014.

The Stone Rose (Book One of the Herevi Sagas) is now out as an eBook too.

Here is the new cover:
The Stone Rose eBook cover

More about The Stone Rose may be found here.

Blackthorn Winter (Book Two of the Herevi Sagas)

Blackthorn Winter eBook cover

More about Blackthorn Winter may be found here.

Blackthorn Winter (Book Two of the Herevi Sagas) blurb:


Arlette de Roncier, the young and innocent daughter of Count Fran├žois de Roncier, one of the most ruthless nobles in Brittany, agrees to an arranged marriage in faraway Aquitaine. She has no idea that her father’s greed for a few acres of family land has led him to murder his own flesh and blood.

Arlette is sent to meet her betrothed, unaware that one of the men in her entourage, Gwionn Leclerc, is in truth her distant cousin, Raymond Herevi. Raymond has seen his family destroyed by Count Fran├žois and is out for revenge. In Arlette he thinks he has found the perfect scapegoat...

This story is not a traditional romance, but a richly detailed evocation of living and loving in the middle ages. First published in 1993, Blackthorn Winter has been revised and given a less ambiguous ending.