Thursday, 19 January 2012

A Tudor Cottage

In the summer we visited this gorgeous Tudor cottage, tucked away in the English countryside.  The main structure is Elizabethan.  When it was built most of it was probably wattle and daub, the brick infils would have come later as did the lean-to extension which was likely to have been added a couple of hundred years after the main cottage was built.
Here is a picture of an inglenook fireplace.   People would use them for cooking as well as for keeping warn, and it's likely a ham would have been hung up to smoke gently (near to, but not on the fire).   Smoking was a great way to preserve meat in the days before fridges!

And here is a picture of a bread oven.   This oven is on the right hand side of the inglenook.    I am sure that if it was fired up, it would also make wonderful pizza.

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Australian Anthology...

I've just found the cover of the February 2012 Anthology, and am delighted to see it's Book of the Month: