Friday, 21 October 2011

Byzantine Trilogy update... editor has contacted me, and I am delighted that the third novel in my Palace Brides trilogy has been accepted.    The title is Betrothed for the Barbarian.  The title of the second novel has also been confirmed, it is Chained to the Barbarian.
The first of the Palace Brides, Bound to the Barbarian, is already out in the UK, it will be out in the US in February, 2012.
Chained to the Barbarian will be out in the UK and in the US in June, 2012.
Betrothed to the Barbarian will be published in August 2012, both in the UK and the US.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Novel submitted...

This is a brief post to say that I have just submitted my third Byzantine romance. It is the final instalment in the Palace Brides trilogy set in eleventh century Byzantium.
Originally I had planned to write two Byzantine novels, but with luck there may be three (fingers crossed). The title of the second novel has still to be decided, I will post again when I know more. Bound to the Barbarian is the first in the trilogy, this is the UK cover.    It will be out in the US in February with Harlequin Historicals, I haven't seen the US Cover yet.