Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Royal Romance Writing Workshop

My editor and I will be going to Fulham Library next week to give a Royal Romance Writing Workshop.  Here is the link to Fulham Library  - there's a map showing the location.
The workshop is on Tuesday 19th April, it starts at 5.00 pm and will end at approximately 7.30.  
Bring pens and paper and lots of ideas - there will be work to do!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Her Banished Lord...

Cover Blurb

Claimed by the Norman Count

Hugh Duclair, Count de Freyncourt, has been accused of sedition, stripped of his title and banished from all of King William's land. Proud and determined, Hugh vows to clear his name!

Childhood friend Lady Aude de Crevecoeur offers her help - but how far will she go? Should she risk her reputation and her life, or save her reputation and become Hugh's wife?

Turbulent times call for passionate measures...


'Hugh, what are you doing?' She thumped her fist on his chest, scandalised. Hugh liked baiting her, but this was ridiculous.
    A large hand reached for her, it whispered across her cheek. Her hood was pushed back. They were kneeling facing each other. On her bed. Because of the lack of height Hugh had to stoop his head, and it brought his lips very close to hers.
    Despite the poor light, everything snapped into sharp focus. Hugh's eyes were very dark, his expression arrested.
    She could hear their breathing; she could hear the mutter of voices in the hall and the soft hiss of rain in the mud outside. Time seemed to slow.
    His hand slid round the back of her neck and carefully, eyes never leaving hers, he brought her closer.
    'Hugh, you really should not have climbed in here.' Aude's thoughts raced. She was an umnarried lady and her reputation here in England was unsullied. It simply was not done for a lady to have a man in her bed - even though he was her brother's friend and it was perfectly innocent.
    Hugh smiled.

US Cover

Text copyright © 2010 by Carol Townend
Cover Art Copyright  © 2010 by Harlequin Enterprises Limited
Permission to reproduce text granted by Harlequin Books S.A. Cover art used by arrangement with Harlequin Enterprises Limited. All rights reserved.

Her Banished Lord is coming out in Italy as Il Conte Bandito!   Her Banished Lord is the fifth and final novel in the Wessex Weddings mini-series that looks at events in England and France after the Norman Conquest.   I love the new title.    Il Conte Bandito has been given a great new cover too:

This is the Italian blurb:

Wessex, 1071

L'affascinante Conte Hugh Duclair, accusato di alto tradimento, viene privato dei suoi possedimenti e bandito dal regno di Re Guglielmo d'Inghilterra, ma con orgoglio e determinazione è pronto a tutto pur di far valere la propria innocenza. Un'amica d'infanzia, l'intrepida Aude de Crèvecoeur, non esita a offrirgli un valido aiuto, fino al punto di rischiare la reputazione. Unica soluzione potrebbe essere quella di sposarsi per salvare le apparenze. E magari finalmente coronare un amore che dura in segreto da anni.