Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Winchester Christmas Market 2010...

Here are some pictures as promised.   I'm also blogging today on eharlequin at eHarlequin Historical Author Blog where there are more photos.   The Winchester Christmas Market is a wonderful place to do Christmas shoppping.    As you can see, the stalls were set up in the square behind the Cathedral.

We found lots of presents and drank spicy mulled wine while watching the ice-skaters.    Well, it was VERY cold!   We also went into the Cathedral.     There are angels on the ceiling:

And stars in the medieval floor tiles:
This is the crypt:

After the bustle of the market, it was lovely and peaceful in the Cathedral.  There are underground rivers beneath Winchester, one runs very close to the Cathedral and features in Her Banished Lord.

On another note, today is Day 7 of the Harlequin Historical Advent Calendar - which means it's Barbara Monajem's day!  Click on this link to visit her site: Barbara Monajem

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Barbara Phinney said...

Carol, I love the pictures. And I love medieval romances. I've been to Colchester, ripe with Norman and Saxon history. Ooh, I could go on!
Anyway, back to the questions.
1 18
2 Edouard
3 The Novice Bride. (because it sounds the most interesting. Aw, actually, they all sound great!)