Tuesday, 14 December 2010

My Competition has ended....

Thank you so much to all the entrants, the response has been wonderful!    Part of the point of this promotion was to attempt to engage with potential readers, and I appreciate your efforts.  It's helpful to know why a book appeals and the themes that interest everyone.

Here are the two winners, drawn from  the correct entries:

1  Deb H

2 May Chan

Congratulations Deb and May Chan!  I have emailed Deb H for her mailing address, as her email was on the entry.   May Chan, please could you let me have your address (click on the comments link to tell me, I won't publish your email address!)
Thanks so much, everyone!

And now it's December 15th, so it's Deb Hale's turn on the Advent Calendar!    (I've just noticed, that's another Deb H - how weird!)


Anonymous said...

I don't wish to cause offence, but I feel compelled to comment that it is dishearteningly unfair to pick a winner that didn't properly answer question 3 ie Deb H did not give any reason why she wanted a particular book. Lots of us took the time and care to read through the excerpts of your Wessex Wedding titles and comply with the conditions of entry.

Carol Townend said...

Hi Anonymous,
I am sorry if you were upset, the comments were really for my interest, and to know what the winners wanted me to send out, but I do take your point. I was ambiguous, and am sorry. Yesterday was a difficult day for me, as a close friend died. But in any case, I didn't choose the winners, they were chosen by a random selection thing. Once again, thanks for your interest!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations you two lucky ladies. Enjoy.

You can't please everyone. We all would like to have been your winners.

Sorry to hear about your friend.

Have a great Holiday Season.

Carol Townend said...

Thanks, Librarypat.
And wishing you a good Holiday Season too!