Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Garland in a Tudor Hall & Medieval Shopping...

This is last year's Christmas Garland at Cotehele.  It is made of flowers and is a real work of art.    Sadly, we didn't get to Cornwall to see this year's garland, but I am posting last year's on the blog because you can see most of the hall and it's very evocative of many late medieval halls.   A fire would be blazing in the huge fireplace, logs would spit and crackle.   You can also see the displays of arms on the walls - they were decorated with sprays of leaves and berries.  As were the doorways.

Below is a picture taken from the Weald and Downland Museum.  The building on the left is a reconstructed market hall.  In this area of the museum, the buildings have been laid out as (part of) a medieval street.    Wooden shutters would close up the shops at night.

Today it's Ann Lethbridge's day on the Harlequin Historical Advent Calendar, so don't forget to check out her page!

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