Thursday, 23 December 2010

Harlequin Historical Advent Calendar - Grand Prizewinner!

Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner of a Kindle 3G and an assortment of Harlequin Historical ebooks...
The Grand Prizewinner is JEANNE M!
Watch your mailbox, Jeanne, you are about to receive a Kindle!

Many thanks to all our entrants for making this contest so much fun.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!
The Harlequin Historical Authors

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Garland in a Tudor Hall & Medieval Shopping...

This is last year's Christmas Garland at Cotehele.  It is made of flowers and is a real work of art.    Sadly, we didn't get to Cornwall to see this year's garland, but I am posting last year's on the blog because you can see most of the hall and it's very evocative of many late medieval halls.   A fire would be blazing in the huge fireplace, logs would spit and crackle.   You can also see the displays of arms on the walls - they were decorated with sprays of leaves and berries.  As were the doorways.

Below is a picture taken from the Weald and Downland Museum.  The building on the left is a reconstructed market hall.  In this area of the museum, the buildings have been laid out as (part of) a medieval street.    Wooden shutters would close up the shops at night.

Today it's Ann Lethbridge's day on the Harlequin Historical Advent Calendar, so don't forget to check out her page!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Christmas Deliveries...

This little van stands outside a tea shop near us.     Below is a picture of some of the cakes in the shop window.   I don't think the van is used any more, but I like to imagine it whizzing around doing the Christmas deliveries.    (These pics were posted on eharlequin yesterday, they are so cheerful, I thought I would put them up here too).

Please could May Chan get in touch, so that I can make my Christmas delivery and send her her prize! 
Happy Christmas!

And today - am editing this on the 19th now - it's Blythe Gifford's turn on the Advent Calendar...
Also, I understand there were internet problems yesterday with Georgina Devon's day, so do check out her site today, if you couldn't get through then.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

My Competition has ended....

Thank you so much to all the entrants, the response has been wonderful!    Part of the point of this promotion was to attempt to engage with potential readers, and I appreciate your efforts.  It's helpful to know why a book appeals and the themes that interest everyone.

Here are the two winners, drawn from  the correct entries:

1  Deb H

2 May Chan

Congratulations Deb and May Chan!  I have emailed Deb H for her mailing address, as her email was on the entry.   May Chan, please could you let me have your address (click on the comments link to tell me, I won't publish your email address!)
Thanks so much, everyone!

And now it's December 15th, so it's Deb Hale's turn on the Advent Calendar!    (I've just noticed, that's another Deb H - how weird!)

Monday, 13 December 2010

December 14th!

The Carol Townend door opens on the Harlequin Historical Advent Calendar today!   Two entrants have the chance to win a signed copy of my medieval romance Her Banished Lord, plus their choice of one of the other Wessex Weddings stories.  All correct entries will also have a chance at the Grand Prize of a Kindle 3G to be drawn on December 23rd.

For your chances to win, read this excerpt from Her Banished Lord and answer three questions.

Q 1:  How old is the heroine?
Q 2: What is her brother's first name?
Q 3: If you win, which other Wessex Wedding story would you like me to send to you, and why?
         Details of these titles are here: The Novice Bride
                                                           An Honourable Rogue
                                                           His Captive Lady
                                                           Runaway Lady, Conquering Lord
Please post your answers using the comments link below.  Good luck!

This competition closes for entries at midnight on December 14th, UK time.   Winners will be announced on this blog on December 15th!

On December 23rd, a random drawing from among all 22 authors' entries will determine the Grand Prize winner of a Kindle 3-G. Please see the official eligibility rules for this giveaway.

Happy Holidays from the Harlequin Historical Authors!

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Goodreads Draw...

The recent Goodreads draw for copies of Her Banished Lord has just ended - this is to let the winners know that I am posting their copies today.  Please bear in mind that the books are being sent from the UK, and what with the Christmas post, they may take a little longer than usual!

Also, don't forget to click on Day 11 on the Harlequin Historical Advent Calendar where it's Joanne Rock's day...

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Winchester Christmas Market 2010...

Here are some pictures as promised.   I'm also blogging today on eharlequin at eHarlequin Historical Author Blog where there are more photos.   The Winchester Christmas Market is a wonderful place to do Christmas shoppping.    As you can see, the stalls were set up in the square behind the Cathedral.

We found lots of presents and drank spicy mulled wine while watching the ice-skaters.    Well, it was VERY cold!   We also went into the Cathedral.     There are angels on the ceiling:

And stars in the medieval floor tiles:
This is the crypt:

After the bustle of the market, it was lovely and peaceful in the Cathedral.  There are underground rivers beneath Winchester, one runs very close to the Cathedral and features in Her Banished Lord.

On another note, today is Day 7 of the Harlequin Historical Advent Calendar - which means it's Barbara Monajem's day!  Click on this link to visit her site: Barbara Monajem

Monday, 6 December 2010

The Winchester Christmas Fair...

Christmas shopping at the Winchester Christmas Fair is great fun - we found some gorgeous presents and had a glass of mulled wine while watching the ice-skaters!  Later we went inside the Cathedral and I found myself looking at images of angels, I have photos of some of them and will try and post them tomorrow.    Am head down with the revisions today.  

And it's day 6 of the Harlequin Historical Advent Calendar which means that Deb Marlowe's door opens.   Visit her site for a chance at her prizes and to be put in the Grand Draw for a Kindle 3G!

Also don't forget the book giveaway at Goodreads for Her Banished Lord runs until December 11th.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Her Banished Lord  (Mass Market Paperback) by Carol Townend

Her Banished Lord

by Carol Townend

Giveaway ends December 11, 2010.
See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Door 5 Opens on the Advent Calendar...

Today it's the day of Elizabeth Rolls, a copy of her book is the prize for one winner of the question on her website.   (If you like animals, this one's for you!)  The link is here: Elizabeth Rolls.    Entry also gives you a chance at the Grand Prize of a Kindle 3G.