Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Medieval Romance Giveaway at Goodreads...

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

Her Banished Lord  (Mass Market Paperback) by Carol Townend

Her Banished Lord

by Carol Townend

Giveaway ends December 11, 2010.
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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Follow the Harlequin Historical Authors' Advent Calendar - Prizes!

Michelle Willingham, one of the Harlequin Historical Authors dreamed up the idea of a Harlequin Historical Advent Calendar.    Jeannie Lin designed it and here it is!

On each day in December (up to the 22nd) one of the authors will be posting a giveaway/hunt on her web or blog.    To participate, go to the author of the day, either click on the small calendar above or find separate links to each author below.

Competition Rules here

December 1st - Lynna Banning
December 2nd - Annie Burrows
December 3rd - Charlene Sands
December 4th - Jeannie Lin
December 5th- Elizabeth Rolls
December 6th- Deb Marlowe
December 7th -Barbara Monajem
December 8th - Terri Brisbin
December 9th- Diane Gaston
December 10th- Joanne Rock
December 11th- Emily May
December 12th - Blythe Gifford
December 13th- Cheryl St John
   December 14th - Carol Townend   
December 15th- Deborah Hale
December 16th - Amanda McCabe
December 17th- Michelle Willingham
December 18th - Georgina Devon
December 19th - Julia Justiss
December 20th - Michelle Styles
December 21st - Ann Lethbridge
December 22nd - Denise Lynn
December 23rd - Grand Prize Draw!
December 24th - Christmas Eve
December 25th - Christmas Day

The smaller calendar you will find at the very top of this blogsite during the month of December has live links to each author of the day

Have fun!

Notes: From December 1st you will find also the calendar here http://harlequinblog.com/2010/11/a-harlequin-historical-advent-calendar/, as well as on the individual author sites. Each day, click on the name of author assigned to that date on the calendar (the list is on this blog below the picture of the Calendar) to visit the host author's website. You can win prizes such as signed books, gift certificates, and holiday goodies.
You will be asked to complete a task, such as posting a blog comment, searching for a hidden ornament, or answering a question about an excerpt. Please check the author's web page for your instructions and to see what the daily prize is. You can enter once each day, at each of the twenty-two websites.
On December 23rd, a random drawing from among all 22 authors' entries will determine the grand prize winner of a Kindle 3-G. Please see the official eligibility rules for this giveaway.
Happy Holidays from the Harlequin Historical Authors!
Each participating author has an activity planned on their website for their special day. You may be asked to comment on a blog, find an ornament, or visit a Facebook page. For each day you participate, your name will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing. At the end of the month on December 23, one day from the calendar will be randomly selected. One of the entrants from that selected day will be randomly selected to win the Kindle. The more days you visit, the better your chances!

Monday, 22 November 2010

Bound to the Barbarian - Covers and Excerpt

This widget shows the US paperback cover of Bound to the Barbarian.   Click on the button to read an excerpt. 

Cover blurb

Falling for the Forbidden Warrior!

Out of her depth and into his arms…

Sold into slavery, maidservant Katerina promised one day to repay the Princess who rescued her. Now that time has come, and Katerina must convince commanding warrior Ashfirth Saxon that she is her royal mistress.

Spending balmy days and long sultry nights with this man make Katerina’s task increasingly impossible. How long will she be able to keep up her deception? And how long before she finds herself willingly bedded by this proud barbarian?

Palace Brides - Byzantine Beauties, Claimed by Warriors

Shorter Excerpt

She eyed him from under her lashes, her gaze skimming over him from the top of that dark head, down past those arresting blue eyes, past those high cheekbones and well-sculpted mouth, past that strong jaw...Goodness, he was a handsome man. She only had to look at him and her cheeks were on fire!

Impersonating the Princess had flung her deep into uncharted waters. She was utterly out of her depth here in more ways than one. Surely he could sense it? Her hand was shaking so much she was likely to tip wine over her gown. Does he know that I am quaking inside? Does he suspect that I am misleading him?

Will I be safe if he learns the truth?

A new thought caught her by surprise. For the first time in an age, Katerina was not sure she wanted to be safe.

Text copyright © 2011 by Carol Townend
Cover Art Copyright  © 2011 by Harlequin Enterprises Limited
Permission to reproduce text granted by Harlequin Books S.A. Cover art used by arrangement with Harlequin Enterprises Limited. All rights reserved.

If you'd like a glimpse into some of my research files, please click on the Byzantine Research label below this post.
Review: here are a reader's comments on Goodreads.
And this is the US Cover (February 2012)




Sunday, 14 November 2010

November evening light...

Today the weather has been miserable, so I thought I would post a more cheery picture taken at the end of a walk last week-end instead.  The sun was going down, the shadows were long, and the country near Box Hill (Surrey) was gorgeous.   We had just walked to a nearby medieval church.  (St Martha's-on-the-Hill).  St Martha was the sister of Mary and Lazarus.  Her church dates from the twelfth century and lies on the Pilgrim's Way.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Blogging at eHarlequin...and celebratory walk

There is a brief blog on eHarlequin today... Harlequin Historicals Group Author Blog about a visit to the village of Hambleden and the church of St Mary's.    This picture is the painted church ceiling above the choir, you can see Tudor roses.   In medieval and Tudor times, most church interiors were brightly painted.   The plain walls and wooden carvings we see today are much duller than they were originally.
The church font is said to be twelfth century, though it might be from the original Saxon church.   My picture hasn't come out that well, you can just about make out the dove in the patterns on the side.

And the reason for the celebratory walk?   I had just submitted a draft of my second Byzantine novel to my editor...