Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Charlecote Park

These pictures were taken at the week-end when my husband and I escaped London for a walk near Charlecote Park.    The weather was VERY changeable, at one moment pouring rain, and the next blazing sunshine.  We got thoroughly soaked.   Twice.   Below is a picture of the gatehouse.   The Lucy family (they came over with William the Conqueror) have owned the land since 1247.    The gatehouse is not medieval though, like the main house, it's Tudor.

This is the garden (more of a terrace, really) overlooking the River Avon.     I love the patterns the little box borders make with their heart-shaped infils of bright flowers.

And, since I am currrently interested in bread ovens, here is one in the main house.   (Not medieval!)   And below that is a picture of an old cooking range, I am not sure of the date of the range, but it looks Victorian. 

We saw lots of fallow deer in the park on our walk and naturally, they weren't the least bothered by the rain.   Most of the time they were too far away for any picture to come out properly but I was able to take this final one because there was a small stream between us and the deer.  They knew they were safe.    There is a story about William Shakespeare poaching deer from this park, but I don't think it's reliable...

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