Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Mid-Write Crisis

It's happened before and it will no doubt happen again, but that doesn't make it any easier.   Had got the first half of the novel down (only early draft stage) and suddenly everything ground to a halt.   Every time it knocks me for six.     The rest of the novel is planned, but NO! it simply isn't going to work.   Early drafts are very rough, and in order to continue I have to remind myself it is OK to write rubbish.   The problem starts on the read-through.   What is this mess I have spent months over?  What am I doing?   One solution is to go back to the beginning and polish the earlier parts.   But I also know that before I do this I must have some idea of where the characters are going.   It was all sketched out, but some characters have minds of their own.   Which doesn't help with the mid-write crisis.

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