Monday, 16 August 2010

Medieval Cottage

This cottage can be seen at the Weald and Downland Museum in Singleton.    It's a reconstruction of the remains of two cottages excavated in Hangleton.   The cottages were probably built in the 13th Century and abandoned in the 15th.    Inside, there is a main room with an open hearth, the smoke would wind up through the roof.  There is also an inner room with an oven.    It is a reminder that for most people, life in the early medieval period would be pretty basic.  The cottage is made from flint; and the hearth in the main room consisted simply of clay tiles, laid on their sides and set into the centre of the floor.    The cottagers would probably have sat round the fire on wooden stools.

The roof of this medieval cottage has been thatched with straw, but wooden shingles or turf might have been used.  Or even broom or furze.
Below is the oven in the inner room, the whole room was little wider than the oven.   I imagine that using an oven like this one must have taken some skill!  Burning the cakes must have been all too easy...

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