Wednesday, 30 June 2010

New Medieval Castle in France!

An architectural experiment is being undertaken deep in a forest in France.   A new castle is being built  - to precise medieval  specifications.     The castle, ­Chateau de Guedelon, is being constructed using only authentic materials, even the nails are made by hand, as they would have been at the time.    Notwithstanding this, workers on the project felt that the castle had no 'soul' - to overcome this, they have invented a fictional feudal lord, Seigneur Guilbert.
A case of fiction bringing architecture to life?

More details about this project can be found here at:
BBC News: France's New Medieval Castle

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Saxon Queen Eadgyth find confirmed...

Science and history combine here to confirm the earliest find of an English royal.   The bones of a Saxon Queen (she was grandaughter of the Saxon King of Wessex, King Alfred) have been found in Germany at Madgeburg Cathedral.  She married Otto 1, the Holy Roman Emperor in 929.   Queen Eadgyth died in 946 at about the age of 36.   Testing of her bones has found that the Queen had drunk water in Wessex in her childhood, she had a good diet, eating a lot of fish (thus indicating her high status) and that she rode a lot.   Horses were very expensive so that too is another indicator of her rank.   The full details are here.

Thursday, 3 June 2010