Friday, 5 February 2010

Royal Russia - Cover etc

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Publisher: John Blake Publishing

Latest Publication: 2006 Hardback
(1st published GB 1995 Hardback Smith Gryphon)

Royal Russia brings you 140 photographs from the private albums of the Russian Imperial Family with a 5,000 word historical introduction by Carol Townend. Carol tells the tragic tale in a clear, lucid and authoritative style. All rare or previously unpublished, the photographs, some formal, some delightfully informal, portray the last years of the Imperial Family. Beginning with portraits of a life of great luxury enjoyed in palaces and on grand estates, the story ends with the brutal execution of almost everyone pictured.

The Foreword by HRH Prince Michael of Kent, himself a blood relation of the Romanov family, reads:

'I am pleased to endorse this accurate and well-researched little book. The interesting photographs, some never published before, combine with the text to provide a telling account of this poignant and moving period of Russian history.'

The section headings are as follows: A Doomed Dynasty, Star-crossed Lovers, The Children of Tragedy, Mystics and Bolsheviks, End of the Empire, The Ekaterinburg Massacre.

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