Thursday, 5 November 2009

Runaway Lady, Conquering Lord - Review!

Jayne of Dear Author has written a review of Runaway Lady, Conquering Lord. Jayne gives it a B-. She says she has enjoyed a number of the other Wessex Weddings, and the fallen woman theme appealed. Like me, Jayne feels uneasy about lots of false medieval dialogue.
It is one of my ambitions to write a book which Dear Author rate as a B+! And after that, one day maybe a venture into A territory!
The link for the full review is below:


Kate Hardy said...

Congrats on the review, Carol :o)

Carol Townend said...

Next time a B+, eh?

kate tremayne said...

Great news on the review Carol. I would give all your books an A. They are beautifully written, with strong romantic conflict and bring the era alive.

Carol Townend said...

Thanks, Kate, An A would be fabulous!