Monday, 3 August 2009


The Novice Bride (& friends) are going to Australia!
It was a lovely surprise. On the Mills & Boon Australian site
the 'next months titles' link takes you to a page which show that the first three books in the Wessex Weddings mini series are coming out in one volume! Haven't seen the cover yet, but An Honourable Rogue and His Captive Lady will be accompanying Novice Cecily on her travels.

And you may have guessed by the fact that I was trawling the Harlequin sites, I have sent off my revised ms (not for the first time, this one was tricky to get right) and was immediately gripped by a bout of Displacement Activity. Which only shows that it is time I Got On With the Next One!


Kate Hardy said...

Congrats, Carol - great news. I enjoyed the trilogy thoroughly, so I know your readers are in for a treat :o)

LOL on the displacement activity. I'm on the last chapter and wondering what possessed me yesterday to do the weekly shop and buy NO BISCUITS...

Carol Townend said...

Oooh! You had better go out AT ONCE to buy some biscuits!

kate tremayne said...

I love the Wessex Weddings books. High charged romance and settings that really make you feel that you are living in those times.
Congratulations on the Aussie volume.

Alison said...

Congrats Carol!

Did someone say biscuits???