Friday, 24 April 2009

Writing & Kew Gardens

Writing & the Bluebells
Kew Gardens is a wonderful place to walk at the end of the writing day, or indeed in the middle if a sticking point has been reached. And the bluebells are simply magical. These are the native English bluebells, which are more delicate that the Spanish ones. We have Spanish ones in our garden, they have self-seeded and are very rampant. They are pretty too, but sadly they can overtake the more delicate native ones, so they have to be kept well away from them.


Kate Hardy said...

What a lovely pic, Carol.

Funnily enough, in the MS I sent to my ed last week, the hero and heroine go for a walk in Kew Gardens... (Couple of weeks earlier, so they see the 'glory of the snow' rather than the bluebells.)

Most of the bluebells on the verges in this bit Norfolk seem to be Spanish or hybrid. But at Foxley Wood there are carpets of English bluebells - and the scent is amazing.

Carol Townend said...

Hi Kate,
The glory of the snow is from Turkey I think, near the mountains and it certainly is beautiful. There's a programme tonight on BBC2 with Dan Cruickshank looking at Kew Gardens. Think I will mention it in my next post.