Monday, 6 April 2009

Istanbul - Topkapi

In the Harem


Michelle Styles said...

Pure envy.
Spill as I want more!

Carol Townend said...

It was really fabulous. This pic is of a prince's room. Of course, it wasn't like this for most of the concubines. They had simpler quarters. And once in the Haren, they NEVER got out, which is tragic. But as we wandered round Topkapi it became clear that it wasn't just the women who were locked in, the Sultan and the princes were in a gilded cage too. In fact, there actually was a gilded cage like contraption that fitted over the Sultan's window.

The tiles were beautiful, modern ones don't come close. And the pottery...

But my favourite part of the trip was visiting Hagia Sophia.
Best wishes